Two students are discussing their science projects. Underline the correct form.

e.g. A: Hi Dan. How is your project going?

B: Okay. I’ll hand it in/I’m going to hand it in next week.

A: I’ve heard you’re doing a database application for the library.

B: That’s right. It’s all on schedule. 1)We’re testing it/We test it over the next few days.

A: And you’ve got to write a user guide.

B: I know, it’s a lot of work. I think 2) I’m asking/I’ll ask someone for some help.

A: Yes, I had the same idea. 3) I’ll ask/I’m going to ask Anne if she can help me.

B: I’m worried about the hardware installation. 4) I’m doing/I’ll do it on Friday.

A: I suppose Mr Wright is supervising it.

B: Yes, I wanted to ask you a favour. Could you look at the program for me on Monday?

A: I’m sorry Dan, but 5) I’m seeing/I’ll see Mr Wright about my own project on Monday. 6) I’m going to have/I’ll have a look at yours on Tuesday if you like.

B: Okay, thanks. 7) I’ll remind/I’m reminding you later this week.

12. Rewrite each sentence so that it contains will or be going to.

e.g. I plan to study engineering in France. I’m going to study engineering in France.

1. I’ve arranged a party for the next Friday.

2. We’ve got an appointment at the doctor’s, so we can’t come.

3. Kelly is likely to get the job.

4. Martin’s wife is pregnant again.

5. Sarah doesn’t plan to get married yet.

6. There’s a possibility of snow tomorrow.

7. I predict a score of 3 – 0.

13. Put the verbs in brackets in the most suitable form using will, be going to or the Present Continuous.

e.g. A: What are your plans for the evening?

B: We (see) …are going to see…a film. We bought the tickets on the Internet.

1. A: Do you want to go out for a meal next week?

B: Yes, that would be nice. What about Wednesday? (do) ………. You ……… anything?

2. A: Did you see that new TV program last night?

B: Yes, I expect it (be) ……… very popular for a couple of months and then people (lose) ……… interest.

3. A: Well my darling, Happy New Year! Have you made any resolutions?

B: Yes, I (leave) ………. you!

4. A: Have you decided what to do when you leave school?

B: More or less. I (have) ………. a holiday for a couple of months and then I

(start ) ……… my university course.

5. A: Are you ready to order, sir?

B: I’m not sure. Oh, I know. I (have) ……… the roast chicken.

6. A: I (take) you to the football match if you like.

B: No, thanks dad! I’ve spoken to John and his dad (take) ……… us.

7. A: Why are you turning on the TV?

B: I (watch) ………. the news.

8. A: I (do) ………. some shopping.

B: Are you? I haven’t got any toothpaste.

A: Oh, alright, I (get) ………. some if you like.