Rainforest Action Network

The relatively new Rainforest Action Network (RAN) is lauded by various media organizations as being incredibly savvy. Based in San Francisco and Tokyo, the 43 employees and thousands of members create memorable and often stigmatizing (when necessary) marketing campaigns to get corporations to clean up their acts. When companies like Home Depot and Citigroup make positive changes that better the environment, RAN is quick to give praise – but never scared to dish out harsh critique.

The Nature Conservancy

Since its inception in 1951 the Nature Conservancy has dedicated itself to saving lands and waters. With over 117 million acres sustained, 5,000 miles of rivers kept clean, and hundreds of marine conservation projects, the Nature Conservancy is one of the most successful and effective green organizations in existence. The science-based approach (they have 700 scientists on staff) is used in all conservation efforts around the world.

Environmental Defense Fund

The Environmental Defense Fund was started in 1967 and works with corporations and government to create environmental programs, initiatives and policy. Areas the EDF seeks to address: using “strong science” to affect markets, laws and corporate partnerships. EDF has received numerous top awards from media and charity evaluators.

Earth Liberation Front

Famously activist, the ELF (or Elves) organization is an anonymous, independent and mysterious environmentalist group promoting civil disobedience and economic sabotage. Numerous cases of arson, SUV bombing, and other “extreme” actions have earned the ELF environmentalists a militant reputation. They maintain no office or press contacts and many environmentalists have been keen to distance themselves from the Elf. Some key quotes from one of the de facto leaders:

“There are over six billion people on this planet of which almost a third are either starving, or living in poverty. Building homes for the wealthy should not even be a priority. Forests, farms and wetlands are being replaced with a sea of houses, green chemical lawns, blacktop, and roadkill. Farmland is being bought out by land developers because of their inability to compete with cheap corporate, genetically-engineered, pesticide saturated food. The time has come to decide what is more important: the planet and the health of its population or the profits of those who destroy it.”